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Collins Racing

We are a self funding family racing team "Collins Racing", who have been racing for 8 years now. Riders are Justin Collins who rides a Yamaha R6 and Luke Collins who also rides a Yamaha R6 like his Uncle.

 Justin started in 2007 as a novice rider competing in the Open 600 Championship at NGRRC rounds to get the signatures required to gain his Clubman Licence.  Luke and Deanne Collins started in 2009 also as Novice Riders on Honda VFR 400's.

 In 2010 both Deanne and Luke changed their bikes to Kawasaki ZXR 400's as they found them far better when competing in Streetstock 400 and Formula 400 championships.

 In 2010 Justin finished 3rd overall in the Streetstock 700 Championship at NGRRC having only competed in half of the rounds !

In May 2011 whilst racing at Pembrey with NGRRC Deanne had a really bad accident with injuries including a bleed to the brain, broken Collar Bone and 4 broken ribs. She has now retired from racing but is happily  accompanying the family to meetings and helping out with what ever needs doing and also updating the family racing page.

In 2011 Justin gained his National Licence which led him to compete at National Road Race Meetings at Aberdare Park and the Manx GP every season.

2013 saw Luke gain his National Licence and that's when he first competed as a national rider at Aberdare Park on his Kawasaki ZXR 400. He also he finished 3rd overall in the Streetstock 400 Championship at NGRRC.

In 2014 Luke upgraded his bike to a Yamaha R6 so that he could race in the same class as his Uncle Justin.

They both have been competing at NGRRC rounds in the Streetstock 700 championship to gain their signatures towards their mountain course licence. Then, they will be able to compete together for the first time this year, with Luke as a newcomer, at the famous Isle of Man circuit for  the Manx GP races in August.

Due to lack of funds  both riders have been unable to leave full time employment and begin a full time racing career. Because of this neither Luke nor Justin have been able to achieve their full racing potential.

Therefore we are looking for some support or help towards Manx GP in August. We would also love to enter TT 2016. If anyone would like to help them in return for having their names or company name on their bikes then please  contact Dee on 07850598016.

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