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Aberdare Park Road Races announce community partnership with Our Aberdare, including new exhibition

Aberdare Park Road Races are delighted to announce a new community partnership with ‘Our Aberdare,’ a dynamic initiative dedicated to revitalizing Aberdare town centre and supporting local businesses. This collaboration aims to not only boost the profile of the Aberdare Park Road Races but also enhance the economic vitality of the Aberdare town centre, benefiting the entire community.

‘Our Aberdare’ has already made significant strides in transforming the town, successfully implementing a variety of projects and events that have breathed new life into the area. These initiatives include organizing vibrant community events, improving public spaces, and supporting local businesses through promotional campaigns and strategic development plans. Their commitment to making Aberdare a thriving and attractive place for both residents and visitors aligns perfectly with the goals of the Aberdare Park Road Races.

As part of this exciting partnership, we are thrilled to announce that an Aberdare Park Road Races exhibition will be held at Aberdare Library. This exhibition will celebrate the rich history and heritage of the event, showcasing memorabilia, photographs, and much more from its inception to the present day. The exhibition will open ahead of the 2024 race event, with more details to be announced soon. This is a unique opportunity for the community to connect with the legacy of the races and build anticipation for the upcoming event.

In addition, ‘Our Aberdare’ will provide a free shuttle bus service from Aberdare Library to Aberdare Park for spectators during the race weekend. This convenient service aims to enhance the spectator experience, making it easier for fans to access the races and explore the town’s offerings. The shuttle bus is part of a broader effort to integrate the event with the town centre, encouraging visitors to support local businesses and enjoy the amenities Aberdare has to offer.

Media Manager at Aberdare Park Road Races, Matthew Davies said "I'm absolutely delighted that we've been able to form this partnership with Our Aberdare. Angharad and her team have done an amazing job delivering many events and initiatives to the Town Centre, and I'm really excited to see what we're able to achieve in the years to come. It's incredibly important for us to establish positive and progressive links with our local community and businesses, which will be a benefit for the event and for Aberdare."

Angharad Walters from 'Our Aberdare' added "We are so excited as a town to be supporting the Aberdare Park Road Races this year. It is amazing to see the incredible work done by the team over the years, and to support the growth of the road races, we are planning on welcoming fans from all over into our beautiful town and show people what we have to offer in the Queen of the Valleys!”

This partnership marks a significant step forward for Aberdare Park Road Races, reflecting our commitment to enhancing strong community ties and contributing to the local economy. We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration presents and look forward to working closely with ‘Our Aberdare’ and Aberdare Library to make the 2024 race event a memorable and impactful experience for all.

For more information about 'Our Aberdare' and their upcoming events, please click here

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