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Dive into the Aberdare Park Road Races Commercial page to explore enticing opportunities for traders to pitch up and showcase their offerings amidst the excitement, while potential sponsors can discover tailored packages designed for maximum brand visibility and engagement, ensuring a dynamic and mutually beneficial partnership

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Aberdare Park Road Races

As we are a family event, we pride ourselves on finding the coolest stalls to join our infield. Traders have the exciting opportunity to pitch up and showcase their products or services in the midst of adrenaline-charged excitement. Engage with our passionate audience, and let the unique atmosphere of the races amplify your brand's visibility.


For potential sponsors, we believe in collaboration and customization. Let's create a bespoke sponsorship package tailored to your brand's goals, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. Together, we can amplify the excitement of the races while elevating your brand to new heights. Join us in the thrilling world of Aberdare Park Road Races and let's embark on a partnership that accelerates success.

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