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Aberdare Park Road Races Launches New Website

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Aberdare Park Road Races, a beloved motorcycle road racing event nestled in the scenic Cynon Valley, is thrilled to unveil its new and improved website. The redesigned site aims to promote an enhanced user experience, offering a one-stop destination for all things related to the best annual sporting event in the valleys.

We hope that the new website offers easy navigation, providing spectators, riders, and enthusiasts with quick access to essential information, ticket sales, accommodation options, and news as more details are published.

Media & Marketing Manager Matthew Davies said, ""Our new website is designed to be a gateway for all things Aberdare Park Road Races. We aim to increase our media content throughout the year and this new website will hep us to deliver our goals. We also hope that spectators and riders will find the website accessible and engaging, with all of the relevant information needed, when it is ready to publish. I'm already very excited for 2024, but there's still plenty of work to do ahead of the races in August."

The website provides an engaging glimpse into the history of Aberdare Park, showcases the thrill of the races, and offers spectators a chance to explore nearby attractions and accommodation, ensuring a complete event experience.

Additionally, the FAQ's page addresses common queries from visitors and provides them with the necessary information to enjoy the event to the fullest. For the latest updates, the website seamlessly integrates with Aberdare Park Road Races' social media channels, ensuring that fans stay in the know.

This digital revamp is an exciting milestone for Aberdare Park Road Races, as they prepare to welcome fans and riders to the thrilling world of motorcycle road racing. The new website reflects the event's ambition to be a valuable resource for all who want to be part of this extraordinary racing tradition.

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